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Task 1b
by Anna Maria TAMMARO - venerd, 24 ottobre 2014, 10:47
Dear all
The Task 1b report will result in the discussion of the general approach to planning an evaluation project and it will not require any identification of the actual evaluation methods applied by the DL. This is an academic exercise for let you understand what is required for an evaluation project.
The case study is supporting you, as in the Group of Task 1a you have already collected information about NSDL/EUROPEANA  and so yo have not to start from the abrupt your assignment
1. Start with an edited version of the information presented for Task 1a, focusing more on : 
-the context of NSDL/EUROPEANA
-the aims, objectives of NSDL/EUROPEANA
2. Focusing on the structure for an evaluation project:
2.1-NSDL/EUROPEANA users needs: setting relevant aims and objectives of your evaluation project and research questions
2.2 -NSDL/EUROPEANA users' information behavior and information seeking: application of research methods and techniques in achieving stated objectives and answers to the research question
3. Evidencing the importance of discovering user behavior
3.1 why they need  NSDL/EUROPEANA; the tools that they expect: define outcomes and possible impact of the evaluation project
evaluate the whole NSDL/EUROPEANA or (better) a part of one of the services
-an evaluation technique measuring the evaluation of DL? NO, you should give evidence to understand the general characteristics of user-centred approaches and realization of an evaluation project.
Hope it is helpful. Do not hesitate to contact me for any other questions
My best wishes
Anna Maria
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A first general feedback: Task 1b
by Anna Maria TAMMARO - venerd, 7 novembre 2014, 7:23

Dear DILL7 students,

congratulations for the very good presentations of today!! You find the recorded presentations in LALO and I invite you to continue to discuss more about user centred evaluation.

What all of you have done very well: the context of the Digital Library and its values togher with the theory of user studies and the priorities of Digital Library were very clear to all of you: very well done.

What you can improve: specific aims and objectives of your evaluation project. Using a statement cited by Carla Colombati: THINK BIG AND ACT SMALL. You should be very narrow in choosing concrete and specific objectives related to specific outcomes and impact you want to achieve at the end of the evaluation project. Priority has to be given to objectives which match the values of the Digital Lirary and the user needs.

Methodology and methods are not the same: the first is the phylosophical approach of the research, the second is including the tools of collecting data.

To be continued....!


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