Topic outline

  • Digital Library in Europe

    What is a digital library?

    Development of digital libraries in Europe

  • Reasons for Digital Library Development


    There are several reasons why European libraries are choosing to create digital libraries: there is not only the need to preserve and conserve materials, but also the desire to increase the customer base by making older and rarer or more-heavily-used documents available to a much wider audience.

    Learning and Lifelong Learning is an important value for digital libraries which have to give a response to this need.

    Communicating culture or making culture is also a priority.

    In addition, there is the fact that the level of electronic publication is increasing rapidly in key areas—for instance, STM journals, research data and patents, where one can anticipate that all scholarly communication will be digitally produced. 

    The core elements of a digital library are:

    1) Markup languages

    2) Metadata

    3) Content

    4) Tools and services

    5) Community

  • Digital Libraries: issues and challenges

    This tutorial will demonstrate the ways that digital library issues and challenges are being tackled on a pan-European, national, and local level. It includes: collection development issues, convergence and organizational issue, standards and new services.

    The challenge is that of promoting digital literacy and building digital communities in a way that was not possible before.

    Ongoing communication with publishers is an other challenge: e-lending and licences negotiations are examples of the debate.

  • Workshop on E-Publishing

    Electronic publishing (also referred to as ePublishing or digital publishing) includes the digital publication of e-books, blogs, and electronic articles, and the development of digital libraries and federated search engines and catalogues. The distribution via the Internet (also known as online publishing or web publishing when in the form of a website) is nowadays strongly associated with electronic publishing.

  • Workshop Programme

    The Workshop will describe the development of new forms of production, distribution, and user interaction in regard to computer-based production of text and other interactive media. It includes: access and distribution, the variety of reading devices available, and the ways in which consumers read, the role of the journal in disseminating the latest research has largely been replaced by preprint repositories. 

  • Group work

    A Group work and a discussion forum in the e-learning platform are planned.

  • Topic 10

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