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DILL-7 2014. Learning Management -> DISCUSSION BOARD -> Task 1: deadline and groups
by Carla COLOMBATI - sabato, 13 settembre 2014, 12:36

Dear Anna Maria, 

I apologize for some misunderstandings.

I try to summerize the task 1:

yesterday you have described the task 1 that we have to submit 
in the platform with this conditions and deadlines: by the 9th of Oct we
have to submit as group while as individual works we have to submit by the 30th of October and by the 6-7 of November we have to present in online class.

The details of the task are at pages 8 and 9 of the handbook

The length should be 1000 words or 1 page?

About the groups:

Should we stay with the summer schools groups?

Thank you so much. Now, I don't have further question.

Best regards Carla


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